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With easy rules and a colorful look, Scissors Game is the perfect casual logic game for the kids
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16 July 2010

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Stimulating the mind of a person from a young age helps to create a methodically articulated, mentally strong and a person of firm believes and proper thought process. Thus, games which allow the players to use their mental skills and abilities to a greater extend helps to increase his various intellectual capabilities thus making him Superior over others. The crux of the matter is it is very important to select games for kids carefully and consciously so that right attitude and abilities can be build from a young age. Scissors Game 1.0 is the latest offering from Toy Cat Soft which is designed to suit the mental abilities of children of all ages.

The user interface is very appealing for children with earthly colors, cute animals and flowers and greenery all around the play area. There are two versions available the trial version and the full version. The trial version has limited playing area and levels to complete whereas the full fledged version which is available at a dirt cheap rate enjoys endless opportunities to stimulate the mind. It is a logic game which is a beautiful combination of fun and mind exercise. As a very simple game it is easy to learn very quickly and thus kids can master this game in very less time. Also the unrestricted time limit to complete a whole stage give kids fair chanced to take his time and apply his mind. Those kids who like playing logic games will find this game interesting and those who are new player will also enjoy it once they start playing the Scissors Game 1.0.

In the modern world where kids need to make their own decision from an early age and face their own fate, the logic games plays in important part to shape their mind. What a child learns at an early age makes him who and what he will be in later life and games like this help a lot. So it a game of four star rating as it is contributing in the building of a better life for the modern kid.

Publisher's description

A new game from Toy Cat Soft, Scissors Game is a game to help exercise the minds of kids of all ages. It is a casual game offered at a very reasonable price, though there is also a trial version available. Logic games such as this present a great opportunity for kids to stimulate their minds while playing games on the PC. This type of game is designed to help exercise the mind, offering both a powerful and enjoyable solution. With its simple rules, the game is also very easy to learn, and kids should be able to start mastering it in a fairly short time. It also has a colorful interface that will undoubtedly appeal to kids of all ages. Children who have played other logic games will undoubtedly enjoy this one as well, since its interface is also quite familiar, combining certain characteristics from other highly popular games such as Tetris amongst others. The game continues through a variety of levels which get more difficult as they continue; however, there is no time limit, so there is plenty of time to think for the solutions!
Scissors Game
Scissors Game
Version 1.0
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